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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Done Against Cancer, Kylie Minogue Still Upset

The Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue's successful fight against breast cancer suffered. However, her tiny body was still upset with the ordeal they experienced. Why is not it?

Owner's real name Kylie Ann Minogue was admitted with the disease still like to imagine that it had suffered. "From time to time, people will tend to forget. But not me".

"There is no single day that I do not think. I just looked in the mirror, the injuries I had, mentally and physically. There are times when I feel incredible anger, but on the other hand I say to myself. In the my unhappiness, I was extremely lucky. "he reported Femalefirst, Wednesday (30/05/2012).

Meceritakan Kylie when she was undergoing treatment in Paris, France. she said a lot of fans that support it at that time.

"In Paris where I run the treatment, I was in a terrible state. But many people come up to me, gave me flowers or just a get-well said." she said.

"It's absolutely incredible," she added.

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